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This program will help you translate texts from virtually any language
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Pop-Up Dictionary is a shareware utility that makes it possible for us to create our own dictionary in any language, or download any of the free dictionaries available. There are more than 241 dictionaries in 80 different languages, including bilingual dictionaries (in modern, classic, and artificial languages), English and Russian encyclopedic dictionaries, phrase dictionaries, religious dictionaries, audio pronunciation files, and many, many more. Once we have downloaded/created the dictionary of our choice with/without audio pronunciation, we can start learning its content (word, phrases, songs, etc.). After learning a group of words (pronunciation included), we can practice the exercises, which mainly cover the reading comprehension aspect in both directions, for example, if we are learning Russian, we can write Russian words after viewing their corresponding English words, and the other way round; and check if our answers are correct or not. We can also search for words by typing them in the search field at the bottom of the program window. All this things can be done very easily from the user interface itself. The new version 4.7 of Pop-Up Dictionary allows us to use the pronounce option to hear how a word is pronounced by several female/male/robotic voices. We can evaluate the fully functional version of this program free of charge for a 21-day period (it includes a Russian-English dictionary). Once the trial period has expired, we can purchase the program, or continue using it for free (in this case the program will loose part of its features).

Review summary


  • Free evaluation version
  • More than 241 dictionaries available in many different languages
  • Audio pronunciation
  • We can contribute with our own dictionaries


  • The Restore button of the program does not work so we must resize the program window manually
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